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Never become a victim of a fire in the Greater Metro New York area




Your multi-level building will benefit from a  sprinkler system. Rely on licensed piping contractors to get the job done right.


Save someone's life with standpipe installations.

Let water put out a fire

You need a sprinkler system

With a Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor license, Chief Fire Contractors Co. Inc. has been serving the five boroughs for 20 years.



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Make a wise decision - get your home or business inspected by the professionals of Chief Fire Contractors Co. Inc. Learn about the installations you should have.

Inspections by master fire protection engineers

Ensure your building follows all the fire department codes of New York. Trust the expert knowledge of our more than 50 years of experience.

Get all your questions about fire protection anwsered

Learn about your fire inspection

You don't want to suffer from injury, damage, or death because of a fire. Get your building inspected today.

Protect your family and your belongings!

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